Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Comic Book Release Party Recap

The release party was a huge success we couldn't have asked for a better turn out. Everyone came out to help us celebrate the release of our first full length comic book. About an hour before the party started we were stressing out trying to get everything ready on time, but everything came together nicely thanks to the help of some generous family members. Right at 7pm the first guest started to show up and they just kept coming. We were pleased to see a lot of familiar faces a few of them are actually characters in the book.

We did a whole lot of signing and taking pictures, we felt like rock stars. We're not gonna lie it felt pretty damn good! After people picked up their copy of Forever Freshman issue 1 they were able to socialized in the back while having a drink and some tasty treats. We set up a few drawing station where people could try their hand at drawing Neil and Ray. We were sooo pleased with what people drew.

Ray's sister Kalynn did a fantastic job making posters and bartending.

At 9pm we made our grand entrance with a thrilling introduction by the one and only Raul Aguirre Jr. of Man vs Art. Raul worked the crowd like only he could as we busted through a paper banner just like a High School pep rally! It was classic. That led into our raffle which our good friend and number 1 fan Rogelio (there he is up above throwing the metal sign!) helped us pick the tickets. Rogelio actually ended up winning 2 prizes himself which was well deserved. Leon Ingram won a set of block prints and Ray Mendivil Sr. was the winner of the big prize, a custom skate deck. Congratulations you guys!

After that we were able to socialize a bit and catch up with everyone. A huge thanks to Sal at Geeks for letting us have our party there and selling our book. It was really great sharing this accomplishment with friends and family. We thank everyone who came out to support us and will do our very best to give you the best Issue #2 we can.

You can see more pictures from this event on our facebook page

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