Sunday, November 27, 2011

WIN a set of limited edition Figures!!

Help us get over 300 likes on facebook and WIN! Refer a friend and you both can win a set of Forever Freshman figures! The 310th person to like our page will win as well as the person who referred them. Send people a link to our site where they can learn more about us and read some free comics. If they enjoy what they see encourage them to like our facebook page for a chance to win these unique limited edition figures. Make sure they let us know you referred them. Thank you all for your continued support and Happy Holidays!!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First Comic News Interview

Fist Comic News interviewed us about Forever Freshman's past, present and future. If you'd like to find out more about how we met, our high school years and how we started the comic then you must read this interview. First Comic News is a great comic book resource with news, interviews, podcasts, and reviews. Make sure you check them out and support these guys!

Click on the link to read the interview

Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011 Long Beach Comic Con & Comikaze Recap

So we spent the last two weekends at comic conventions. The first was over Halloween weekend in long beach. This was our second time attending and the one year anniversary of our first self published comic book. Hooray!

It was nice being back in a small convention where we could take the time to talk to people about our book and what we are all about without the crazy crowds. We did however get stuck right in front of a stage where performances went on all day. Very loud and distracting when we were trying to talk to people, with the exception of the Los Angeles Chapter of Dumbledores Army busting out a sweet song and dance about their beloved Harry Potter. Besides that the stage in our opinion was there purely to ruin sales. On a better note, we meet some great people and fellow artist and creators.

Our good friend and last years table mate Sheika Lugtu was there with a trade paperback of a whole years worth of her autobiographical online comic, in which we make a appearance! Sheika is one of the most inspired, honest and enthusiastic artists/comic creators we have met. Check out her stuff at

Our neighbor Chris Kawagiwa was selling his prints and comics. Good Stuff.

Another artist a little ways down the isle was John Wales who had some original paintings and stylized prints of superheroes.

The great Geo Brawn IV promoting The Untold Chronicles.

The guys from Toonhole a very funny and dirty web comic that made me laugh to no end.

After the convention we took a walk down Pine St to check out the Zombie Art Show where Neil Segura and other great artists (Nick Marquez, Garry Booth and Kevin Bannister just to name a few) showed off some fine zombie art. You can see all of the art from the show at

The next weekend we took a trip to downtown LA to check out Comikaze. We took a break from exhibiting and just walked around enjoying the con.

We picked up Reed Gunthers all new Trade Paperback and you should too!

Sean Allen writes science fiction/fantasy novels. He's a great guy with an amazing talent.

We talked to the writers of the comic book Freakshow, David Server and Jackson Lanzing. They are working on getting this comic made into a film. It's a unique story about mutant heroes. Great book and great guys!

John Ottinger holding his Boner. Whoa, that's the name of that little dog/skull thing. John is an amazing artist and maker of things like these crazy Optimus Prime art pieces.

Edgar Pasten is the creator of YO! A character that with a wild imagination and a thirst for adventure.

Paul Roman Martinez is the creator of The Adventures of The 19XX a comic based in the WWII era. The art is great and you can't go wrong with a WWII story. Paul's set up was impressive very clean and professional.

We picked up this semi-autobiographical trilogy of comics called Buffalo Speedway created Yehudi Mercado. It's right up our alley.

So it's been a busy last two weekends, but also an inspiring one. We are going to start working extra hard to get the next book out early next year and hopefully another one done by later 2012 before the world ends. Thank You.